CLEAR SLATE deep cleansing powder


Cleansers have a tough job if you have an oily complexion and visible pores as it means there’s even more chance for sebum, excess oils and dead cells to get stuck to your skin. That’s where Clear Slate steps in. The sister product to Clear Skies, it’s still a water-activated cleansing powder that breaks down impurities using plant enzymes, except this time it’s been tailored for those with very oily skin. It also means it’s especially good for guys who tend to have a larger pore appearance. With volcanic ash and bamboo charcoal that mop up excess sebum, the dash of peppermint essential oil is the perfect finishing touch and makes your face feel like it’s been dunked in glacier waters – truly invigorating.

Once your Clear Slate bottle is empty, simply purchase the compostable Refill Pouch to top it back up and reduce waste at the same time.

  • exfoliating
  • blemish-fighting
  • pore-refining

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Plant enzymes
Why use one plant enzyme when you can use two? The first (lipase) breaks down all the fat-based impurities hiding in your pores like sebum and oil before the second (protease) heads straight for the protein-based debris such as dead skin cells. Working in sync, you couldn’t get a better skin-clearing double act.

Volcanic ash
Rich in sulphur which is a highly regarded antibacterial mineral, this stops blemishes and breakouts in their tracks, so they don’t even have time to fester and form. Clearer skin all round.

Bamboo charcoal
Absorbing excess oil and dirt from the pore means there’s far less chance for them to get full up and harbour infection which can lead to spots. And the cleaner pores are, the more refined and smoother your complexion appears.