Living Nature French Bulldog Puppy


One of the most popular dogs around the world, this French Bulldog puppy is made with premium quality fabrics and brilliant attention to detail, giving this soft dog toy an ultra-realistic look and feel.

This plush pup is looking for a new home where he can receive lots of cuddles.

French Bulldogs are an extremely loveable and cuddly breed. Also known as a ‘Frenchie’, these flat-faced dogs come in a variety of different colours such as pied, fawn and brindle. They can also come in blue, lilac, tan, black and chocolate! Frenchies are full of energy and notorious for keeping you entertained with their funny antics.  

Fast Fact 

If your Frenchie wants attention don’t be surprised if you hear it crying. 



Believe it or not… 

The rarest Frenchie in the world is the Blue Merle, a blue coat with a spotted pattern. 

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Care Instructions: Hand wash only, do not machine wash or tumble dry

Height: 16cm

Materials Acrylic

Naturli Eco Friendly

Recommended Age All ages