Living Nature Macaw Plush


Ignite your child’s imagination with this bright and colourful parrot soft toy!

Super soft to touch, this Macaw has been crafted to look just like the real thing. With fluffy fabrics to mimic feathers and stunning detailing – this plush bird toy is a beautiful gift for any child.

Macaws are part of the parrot family and are very recognisable with their brightly coloured feathers. They can be red, blue and gold, green and a trio of all these colours. They differ from other parrots because of their bigger beaks and tails. They’re social birds and form special bonds with other macaws, having one partner for life. When they try to impress the other, they often groom the other macaws’ feathers and offer them food. This is parrot talk for saying ‘I like you’. They’re very playful and are known to mimic human sounds. Just be careful what you tell yours, there are no secrets when Macaws are around! 

Fast Fact

Some Macaws can reach up to 102cm tall. 



Believe it or not..

Macaws can fly at speeds up to 56mph.

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