Living Nature Mole


Moles are small animals with black, velvety fur. They live in burrows underground in fields, meadows and forests. They create tunnels underground so they can look for food, like juicy worms! Moles love worms so much that they nearly eat their bodyweight in worms every day. They don’t have very good eyesight, and some even have skin covering their eyes, but they have great sense of hearing and touch so finding insects to eat isn’t a problem.  

Fast Fact 

They use a special scent sensor on the tip of their nose to locate prey. 


Woodland, Meadows and Pastures. 

Believe it or not…

They have large paws like spades with an extra thumb to help them dig.

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This realistic Mole soft toy may be little, but she proves that good things come in small packages!

This lovingly made plush woodland toy provides super-soft cuddles and is just simply adorable to look at.