Living Nature Sitting Hedgehog


Hedgehogs can be found in moorlands, woodlands, fields and if you’re lucky, near your home. They have needle-like spines all over their back, and when predators are nearby, they curl up into a tight ball. Worms, caterpillars and slugs make up their delicious diet, and they use their long snout to help hunt for them. Their eyesight isn’t too good, so they use their other senses like their smell and hearing to find juicy worms.  

Fast Fact 

They weren’t always called a hedgehog. They started out as an Urchin. 


Woodland and hedgerow. 

Believe it or not… 

This little creature sometimes sounds like a pig snorting! Hence the name hog. 

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Get close to nature with this cuddly sitting Hedgehog.

Don’t be afraid of his spines for this spiky mammal is 100% soft and super cuddly! A perfect woodland plush toy for a child or wildlife lover.