Pilgrim Compass gold plated necklace, 2 in 1 set


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  • Two gold-plated necklaces featuring a trendy curb chain combined with a Y-chain displaying a unique compass coin pendant
  • Chunky necklace that gives you an edgy look and makes a powerful statement
  • Follow your inner compass with this cool, gold-plated pendant
  • Panzer facet chain with a rough design, that reflects your identity
  • Chain with coin-pendant measures 40 + 9 cm. The chunky chain measures 45 + 9 cm
Let the journey begin! 2-in-1 necklace with chunky gold-plated chain and, dainty, compass pendant. Edgy, feminine statement for those who follow their own path and are ready for new adventures. Two separate necklaces for a powerful, cool, look that can be adjusted to suit any occasion. The chains measure 40 + 9 cm and 45 + 9 cm.