Perfectly moulded to sit in your palm, this scalp massager uses gentle silicone tips to stimulate the follicles on the scalp by boosting blood circulation, encouraging all the nutrients to rush to the surface. And the more nutrients available, the more your hair will grow and the healthier it will become! The massaging movement also helps dislodge stubborn product build-up, grease and sweat so you can feel confident your scalp will be sparkly clean when you step out of the shower.

  • stimulates follicles
  • encourages healthy hair growth
  • dislodge buildup

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For a relaxing head massage, use it on a dry scalp and move it around your head in gentle circular motions. Alternatively, pair it with the Nourishing Hair Cleanser in the shower for an extra deep cleanse. Rinse after use and leave to air dry with the tips facing upwards.